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Midwest Power wants to keep our customers as informed as possible. We believe that making smart energy choices is based on expert knowledge, current market trends, and industry experience.

In this volatile energy market it is important to watch a variety of factors before making a decision. Some of those factors include, the shale natural gas production, weather outlook, traders, storage inventories, production levels, rig counts, etc. Not only do you get all of this, but you also have access to a team of experienced energy professionals that is the best in the business.

It all depends on how much information you would like to receive. We can send you daily market updates which include the following:

  1. The daily NYMEX settle
  2. The prompt month trading value
  3. The U.S. daily dry natural gas production level
  4. Weekly storage injection or withdrawal
  5. Revolving 20 day weather outlook for the entire U.S.



Midwest Power has spent the last 5 years finding the best company to partner with who can provide the best solution in the procurement process.  Our  partners have  spent the last 8-10 years building our supplier relationships so we have access to the top suppliers in the nation.  Together, we can help you navigate  through the complicated energy world and find the right product to fit your business needs. 

When pricing a specific account or accounts for a potential customer we will send your information to  our  broker  partners  and they will price it to over 30 suppliers who offer service in your area. The pricing will start coming back within 2 to 3 business days, this is where the real work starts.    Our  energy  partners manage  billions of kwh annually and they use this as leverage when pricing your account. Once all the pricing has been supplied to our  partners,   Midwest Power will then go back and forth to renegotiate pricing to maximize the customers savings. Our loyalty belongs to the customer not the suppliers.

Midwest Power also carefully  chooses  who  we partner  with   because they also work with all size customers which we believe is very important to note. While most brokers deal with only large commercial and industrial customers, Midwest Power has the ability to price all accounts because of our partnership with top  energy  brokers  who are  leader s  in the industry. If you are a small business owner and do not want to be offered a "1 price fits all" then we will have the solution for you.   Our  broker  partners  send  us over 15 different suppliers that submit daily matrix pricing and we will find the right one for you. 



Midwest Power  has a dedicated team of people who only support our existing customers, they are the best of the best. Every customer is treated with the same level of importance and attention to detail. We strive to make ourselves better each day and appreciate our customer’s feedback. Over the years we have adjusted to the market and continuously evaluate our processes to better serve our clients.

We put together monthly newsletters to keep our customers informed with the market changes. The energy market is very complex, we try to take the burden of the complexity off our customers and take ownership. We will keep you updated on capacity, change of law, NITS, increases/pass-thru’s, etc.

We are always here to support our customers, including when issues arise. We have noticed an uptick in marketing in our industry and not all companies are as honest as they should be. Issues have occurred where one of our customers was slammed by another broker and we are able to help get everything put back together. Always be aware of your existing electric & natural gas agreement, you should always revert back to your previous contract before signing a new one. Midwest Power's relationship with Integrity Energy and their suppliers are built on  trust, integrity and loyalty.